We create solutions to make your ride more smart, safe, secure, sustainable

We bring e-motion

We want to revolutionize the way we move around daily.
Our enabling technologies can make any light electric vehicle smart, safe, secure and sustainable.

Our e-motion revolution started back in 2016 with the introduction of 300 smart e-bikes in tourism, allowing us to gain unique insights from more than 15.000 rides.

Based on these real-life fleet experiences, we created e-Motion technology solutions for mobility, fleet managers and individual users.

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Thanks to e-Motion technology I can roll out my fleet of KINGO Smart e-bikes at various locations in full confidence.

Smarter rides through...



We increase user safety via tri-directional communication between user, vehicle and platform.



In case of theft we enable users and fleet managers to remotely access and lockdown the electric drive system of their vehicle.



We motivate responsible use of vehicle and battery resulting in a longer life cycle.

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